tv-manAdding CCTV surveillance cameras to your home can be a great way to provide your home and family the added security and comfort that any suspicious activity can be recorded on video footage.


Many of our customers have their own security reasons for wanting a CCTV camera system in place on their property. Whether it’s to deter targeted burglary attacks, keep an eye on suspicious neighbours or passer-bys, monitor trespassers who may intrude through the back of their property or capture details of illegal activity outside their driveway, at, we provide and install one of the most reliable CCTV systems in the market.


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Most Purchased CCTV Camera Packages:




CCTV PACKAGE 2.4 – 4 High Definition IP network CCTV package fully installed $2250 including GST(standard single storey tile roof house)

What’s included in the Package:

4 x 2 megapixel Dahua IP network IR dome or IR bullet  Camera,  Sample Videos 2MP HDIP Camera DH-HAC-HDW1200EM_Datasheet

1 X 4 Channel Dahua NVR with 1080P live preview display, 4 port POE switch

1 x 1TB WD AV hard disk drive

1 x 21’ LCD monitor

Remote viewing iphone, internet, android phone

* upgrade each camera to a 4MP camera for $95 / camera. DH-HAC-HDW1400EM_Datasheet

* Additional 250 for double storey homes (if router is downstairs, add 120)
* 5th camera + upgrade to 8CH Video recorder /2tb = +550. Each additional camera – 350.
* upgrade hard drive to 2TB for $100, 3TB for $200, 4TB for $300



CCTV Pack 3 – 8 HD IP network CCTV package fully installed $3990.00 including GST (standard single storey tile roof house)


What’s included in the Package:

8 x 2 megapixel Dahua IP network IR dome or IR bullet Camera, Sample Videos 2MP HDIP Camera

1 X 8 Channel Dahua NVR with 1080P live preview display, 8 port POE switch

1 x 2TB WD AV hard disk drive (storage, up to 30 days of recording on motion detection)

1 x 21’ LCD monitor

Remote viewing iphone, internet, android phone




CCTV PACKAGE 4 – 4 High Definition IP network CCTV package fully installed $2,990 including GST(standard single storey tile roof house)

What’s included in the Package:
4 x 4 megapixel Dahua IP network IR dome Camera View Sample 4MP Videos
1 X 4 Channel Dahua NVR with 1080P live preview display, 4 port POE switch
1 x 2TB WD AV hard disk drive
1 x 21’ LCD monitor
Remote viewing iphone, internet, android phone

CCTV PACKAGE 5 – 8 High Definition IP network CCTV package fully installed $4990 including GST(standard single storey tile roof house)


What’s included in the Package:
4 x 8 megapixel Dahua IP network IR dome Camera View Sample 4MP Videos
1 X 8 Channel Dahua NVR with 1080P live preview display, 8 port POE switch
1 x 3TB WD AV hard disk drive
1 x 21’ LCD monitor
Remote viewing iphone, internet, android phone


Looking for a CCTV system in Sydney? Check out Serious Security.


Top Reasons for Installing a CCTV at Home

  • As a precaution, to improve general security and safety around the property, through remote monitoring inside the home.
  • To address specific issues of Anti Social Behaviour (ASB), including physical / criminal damage and harassment, often caused by bad neighbours
  • To obtain quality images of suspects involved in criminal activity, in or around the property. • As a low cost method of keeping an eye on children and pets.


CCTV iPhone App – Comes with every package

The following image gallery shows screen shots of the iPhone DVR viewer app that is included for free for with each of our video surveillance recorders.

iphone Download the app


CCTV Android App – Comes with every package

The following image gallery shows screen shots of the Android DVR viewer app that is included for free for with the video surveillance recorders from Smarter Security. Please click on any image to see a larger view of this home surveillance system monitored from an Android cell phone. android Download the app


  • Types of CCTV Cameras
    • analog: a standard wired color security camera. Most wired security cameras today are indoor/outdoor and have an infrared cut-filter for night vision. Wired cameras will require video extension cables.
    • IP: IP (Internet protocol), or network cameras are another option. These cameras connect to your computer’s router just like a computer or other net-workable device. IP cameras are digital versions of the analog ones and can deliver much better resolution.
  • Are your package prices inclusive of GST and Installation?

    Yes, indeed they are.

  • What warranties do you have on your products?

    All Bosch alarms come with a 5 year parts warranty and 12 months labour.

    All CCTV systems we use come with a 12 month warranty for parts & labour.

  • How does A CCTV System work?

    There are 2 main types of CCTV systems available—analog and digital—and their modes of operation vary; however, the basic components are in essence the same: a CCTV camera to capture the information, A DVR / NVR to record and sometimes power the cameras and with the help of a router, stream the information across the internet.



  • How long does it take to install CCTV Systems?

    It takes between 4 hours and 1.5 days to install depending on the system you’ve selected and the complexity of your house.

    A typical 4 camera system takes around 4-6 hours to complete. We know sometimes you need your job done urgently. If your job is urgent, let us know and we’ll try and get the system up and running asap.


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