Versatility is the IP’s Upside

When versatility and high resolution film recording combine together in a camera system, you have in you possession, an unmatched camera product. knows that these two qualities are found together in any IP camera and is the reason why they are extremely popular camera enthusiasts. At, we know of this capability and hence potential and we were one of the first companies to quickly adopt the IP system into our fold of new tech gadgets.

There is no comparison

The IP camera can stand out all on its own and requires no supporting gadgetry. Because of its unique ability in accessing the internet, it is reputed to be the very reason why security systems will continue to flourish far into the future. Even its symbol IP which means “internet protocol” serves to substantiates this extraordinary capability. That means this wonder camera can be operated anywhere an internet connection is found, which, these days, is practically anywhere.

A miniature computer

The most extraordinary feature of the IP camera system is it’s practically a small computer with a camera attached in one compact unit. Due to its ability to be connected direct to a network, it does not need any recorder for anyone to operate it. Whenever connection to the internet has been made, the video can be stored in in a variety of ways. It can be saved on a card installed inside the camera’s frame; it can be transmitted direct and stored on a server; it can be saved on the ‘NVR’ network video recorder.

Different uses for different purposes

Due to its inherent technical qualities, the IP camera is a truly versatile viewing aid that can be used for different purposes as follows:

  • For viewing a small area such as the shed or house, all you need is a standalone camera with an installed SD card. When the security alarm goes off, any intrusion can be checked on live view. Detected motion can also be emailed to you from the camera as a small video or image.
  • A software working through a server is ideal for a business where a computer is always available to record videos on hard drive. The uses software can control any number of cameras and taken videos can be viewed remotely by simply logging into the server.
  • The NVR system can be the ideal system for a very small business or house but with multiple cameras installed. The NVR can also act as a server which means that a computer is not needed for operating the cameras.

Are you convinced that the IP camera is for you? If so, then all you need to do is very simple.


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