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At SecurityInstallers.com.au, we specialise in helping businesses get set up with the right alarm system and CCTV surveillance solution. Whether you’re a small cafe eatery, a commercial office or a factory warehouse, our team is experienced in delivering one of the best alarm and CCTV camera systems in the market.


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Just started up your business and looking to install a security system right away?
We have years of experience providing security solutions to offices, schools, medical centers, retail shops, restaurants, warehouses and more.


CCTV, or closed circuit television, is now a popular system used by many Melbourne businesses. It allows you to monitor all activities within your business where you can’t keep an eye on it all the time. Whether you’re at the back of your office or at home, CCTV security systems give you peace of mind your business is being monitored.


Business owners who commonly install our CCTV camera systems are those that:

  • want to capture suspicious staff activity within their business
  • want to deter unfavourable visitor or customer activities on their premise
  • want to keep an eye on their business while they’re travelling or away from the business
  • want to deter thieves and robbers from targeting their business
  • want clear video images for legal evidence
  • want the added surveillance security on top of their existing alarm system


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Whether you are looking to run a small successful business or operate a large warehouse business, all businesses are susceptible to the scrutiny of unwanted theft and robberies. It then becomes common sense for business owners to ensure that the simple priority of installing a good grade alarm system is completed by the first day their business is in operation.


At SecurityInstallers.com.au we are experienced with installing suitable alarm systems to ensure your premise is armed with a reliable alarm system and that you have peace of mind that your assets and inventory is well protected outside business hours.


We are experienced with the following type of businesses:



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For custom quotes or further information, please call (03) 9013 3803 or submit an enquiry through our request a quote page.

Sometimes we become so busy with the operations of our business that we forget the simple things we need to protect – our equipment assets and/or merchandise. With thousands of dollars invested into your operation, it pays to install the right security equipment from the beginning to prevent unwanted theft or robberies from occurring.


Budget sensitive alarms

At SecurityInstallers.com.au sound business sense dictates that we must satisfy as many customers as we can and one sure way of doing this is by knowing that customers have different purchasing powers. We bear this important difference when we attach price tags to our cameras, detectors, sensors, apps and complete alarm systems. This forms an integral part of our configuring strategies and individual sales of our alarm products and systems. Many of our alarm systems are ideal for small houses and can be installed at very affordable rates. Their use is so flexible and efficient they can be used with remarkable effect against robbers.


Always in touch with the state of your business affairs

The alarm systems offered by SecurityInstallers.com.au are so technologically advanced it feels you are inside your small shop when in fact, you are hundreds or more miles away from its surrounds. By using an app, you can log into a portal on your smartphone or laptop to get an instant view of the interior of your shop. Our alarm systems are so advanced you won’t ever be isolated from the source of your wealth no matter where you are. The system’s sensor sends instant messages to your when any irregularity is detected. You can even activate or deactivate your alarm from wherever you are.


More superb alarm system features

At SecurityInstallers.com.au we do not only offer technically advanced alarm systems. We also strive to deliver other security related services such as our:

  • Specialists who will assist you choose the most appropriate alarm system to secure your business.
  • Top quality and customised security cameras and systems that are recognized and trusted in all of Victoria.
  • Superb alarm systems for businesses that are known and trusted Australia wide
  • Unmatched customer service for listening to your worries and design the best alarm system for you.
  • 24 hour business security monitoring for safeguarding your valuable property and merchandise.
  • Team of experts that will design, install, monitor and conduct permanent technical support for your installed alarm system.



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