Perfect Retail Store Security System

People who own small retail stores are particularly vulnerable to the carefully planned attacks of seasoned burglars and the pilfering activities of shoplifters. At we are convinced that shop owners should be proactive in protecting their merchandise and wealth. We have all the different types of security systems imaginable and we have the best staff to identify suitable systems, who know how best to install them them and where. We have the best retail security systems in and around Melbourne to deal with the vulnerability of your retail shop.


Front and back doors

If you own a decent sized retail shop that needs surveillance both inside and outside, we have just the security system for you. The first priority areas would be the back and front doors and the main car park outside.  The front door should be kept under constant surveillance to identify incoming shoppers. Many burglars disguise themselves as respectable citizens but have ulterior motives once they gain access into your shop. Two points are worthy of note here, the first is that facial image can be recorded. Second, the clothes worn by any potential culprit can be stored for later identification.

The main shopping area

This area is usually laid out with the food and beverage compartments and coolers and they can be vulnerable to burglar action especially during winter when thick coats and overalls are worn. Cameras should be placed so as to cover a sweeping view of the whole area to identify any hint of foul play.  It is critical that someone is at the control panel every day to monitor everything that goes on in this area. Any irregular or suspicious behaviour can easily be seen by the staff controlling the centralized monitor that will capture images sent from the cameras

The cash register area

In most cases, burglars will usually look for any place where cash is paid out, received and stored, so it makes for sound common sense for a camera to be placed somewhere that the camera can have a close view of the cash register area.  Matters would be made less stressful and more efficient if a gateway lined with strong railings was built to make checking out a smooth and risk free process that can also add another barrier against snappy escapes of shoplifters from your shop. Many cases of would be successful escapees foiled by cameras and checking out gates have been known to happen.

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