cctv-camerasAt we believe there’s nothing more complete for human visionary and mental capabilities than having eyes to see with and a brain to think with. However, we also appreciate that if you add other eyes and other minds to those you already have, you’d be fairly invincible wouldn’t you think? This kind of thinking should relieve the anxiety of house owners who are scared stiff of having their houses burglarized because they have something very valuable inside! It should relieve them because with a CCTV system you can add another memory albeit a mechanical one and up to 8 ‘eyes’ (or more), that can operate independently and pointed in different directions.


The extra ‘eyes’ looking outwards


The extra eyes that you can add to your own viewing do not get tired like yours do. They can operate all night without getting tired or dozing off as long as they are connected to the supply of electrical current that keeps them energized. Ideally, if you install your cameras for outside surveillance as you would for your house, they should be aligned to look in an outward direction. One should have the front pathway and a wide swath of frontage area and the gate in its sights; another should have a sweeping view of the back part of the house and 2 at the sides. There will undoubtedly be blind or dark spots around the house that another two cameras should be deployed.


The extra ‘brain’ looking inwards


Along with each CCTV system, comes the equally important recording hardware system that acts as the brain of the whole setup. The capacity of this recording system is fantastic as it can take an endless video footage of all the actions that happen on camera while you are snoozing on the sofa or actually sleeping away the night. The most important role that the recording device performs is taking and keeping all the action live on tape that can be watched as it is taking place or viewed later to follow up on what actually happened the night before. If nothing happened, the whole system can be reset back again for taking fresh live video images. If a burglary did take place and the cameras are high enough out of the reach of burglars, the action can be viewed by yourself or police for any further action.


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