Newcomers to the Security Scene

At in Melbourne we do not begrudge the arrival of new tech products on the shelves. In fact we welcome it as they provide us with a wide range of possibilities to put our tech know how to work. It also gives leverage in being able to configure a wide range of security solution options for safety situations that threaten the property and possibly the lives of home owners all over Melbourne. For us, it is a crusade that is worth fighting for and these new technologies add to our arsenal of safety solutions.

The high resolution camera technology

One of the recently introduced wizards of the camera world is the HD-SDI, which in ordinary parlance stands for High Definition Serial Digital Interface. Though more decipherable by the tech gurus, the name simply connotes a system of totally top quality with matching ‘par excellence’ performance capabilities when it comes to the production of high resolution pictures. Due to its High Definition footage over standard co-axial cable, it is completely in line with CCTV and it is small wonder that the CCTV sector has welcomed it with open arms like we have at

Where to apply the new high definition camera system

At we know that being new and proven to be versatile and flexible the new security camera technology can be used in a plethora of places. This is largely because it has now been permanently embedded in the traditional CCTV system which is the current preference of around 90% or our customers. Premises that now do not enjoy the dependable services of a CCTV surveillance system can now do so with its enhanced high resolution picture results. The system can also be adapted to upgrade an existing system and also used to provide high definition identification.

Benefits of the high definition system

What characterizes a good camera is the quality of picture it produces and the HD-SDI offers this quality. It also has the capability of clearly identifying individuals irrespective of where they are positioned in the home or premises. There is no technical glitch to their installation on a co-axial cable and one of the most notable qualities is that you do not need the services of a qualified IT to install one for you. You only need one of your staff experts to visit and install the system for you.

Any system downsides?

Surprisingly, the only downside for the new high definition system is its higher price as compared to the analog CCTV system. But the higher price tag is compensated by the extremely clear and high resolution pictures produced by the new system. So what do you think? Are you ready now to install a CCTV surveillance system with its enhance HD-SDI qualities? If the answer is affirmative, you only need to do one more thing.

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