b-cctv-4At SecurityInstallers.com.au in Melbourne, we know of no other system that comes anywhere near the CCTV security surveillance system. It is the most effective and affordable system there is that we have on offer. It can monitor and protect small business premises as well as large businesses. The cameras can be placed in strategic places in your modern shop and continuously monitor customer purchasing activities and their movements in and out of your business premises. All you need to do to benefit from this system is to approach us to assist you in selecting and installing your CCTV system. All your cameras must be placed in the right places in order to protect your products.

The registry counter

This area of your business space is where all the customers converge after selecting their purchases and present them checking and making payments at the cash registers. With so many customers and payments, the area is a prime target for criminals and without any safety precautions present you stand to suffer loss to your wealth. Having a CCTV camera installed above the registers will make people with ulterior motives think twice about making any moves to steal your cash. Installing a camera will also make thieves hesitate in entering a well-protected store and will not disturb you customers.

The shop shelves

During the day, customers will crisscross the shop floor looking for goods they want to take home and their activities should be monitored as they make their selections and place them inside the trolleys. Most customers are honest buyers but some have been known to slip goods into their trouser pockets or coat pockets and taken away goods they didn’t pay for. Placing a camera or two at strategic points that can cover all customer activities around the middle shelves of your store will provide monitoring for the whole area. Customers with ulterior motives will think twice before committing any folly.

The exit doors and car park

A burglar or a bad customer who is discovered pilfering goods from you store will automatically head for either the front door or the exit door at the back or side of your shop. These are prime target areas for placing cameras. The logic in doing so is that CCTV cameras come with recording devices that can capture and record live what actually took place during the time of the crime. Captured images will greatly assist police in their follow up investigations of the burglary.

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