In Melbourne today, more and more incidences of robberies are being reported are very regular intervals, and many residents are arming themselves with home security measures. They want to avoid the traumatic aftermath that a break-in can bring to house owners. At in Melbourne we are constant witnesses to these disturbing events and we know just how bad they can impact on the residents of Melbourne.

Are robberies really that bad?

They are indeed and without going through the statistics, take it from us at that every effort is needed to combat this rising nemesis of public good. We agree and we have been at the vanguard of this essential crusade against the perpetrators. We also realize that we all have some fair idea about what we should do to make our home secure and we also know that the best solution available right now is to purchase and install a CCTV surveillance system. However, it would prove futile if you have the best CCTV system in the world but lack the basic security needed to supplement the tech know how so let’s start with the basics.

The basic security measures

Before we start thinking about CCTVs, let’s have a cursory look at the basics. The fence is the first line of defence so have it renovated, strengthened and burglar proof with no entry points; bushes that can provide cover for thieves should be cut and cleared; lights can be strategically placed within the house grounds to help in lighting up the grounds and make them a little less accessible; the front and the back doors must be strongly made with equally strong lockable capacity; the windows must be strongly bolted to prevent entry; slide ways to sliding doors must be blocked to stop them from opening to a potential intruder. Other precautionary security measures should be put in place but these are the critical security areas to address.

The ultimate security system

The CCTV stands in everyone’s estimate as being the top security system around and its purchase and installation regarded as a must. At we share the same view and with all the basic precautions put in place the addition of a CCTV system is tantamount to having a burglar proof house. The CCTV is fitted with cameras that can in turn be connected to a recording hard disc devise that can record and play back images. But the sophistication doesn’t end there as the system can also be connected to and be activated from your mobile phone! How efficient can you get and that’s exactly what we do at So don’t hesitate!

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