Influx of Different Resolution Cameras

It’s a foregone conclusion that technology is definitely here to stay and the ceaseless inflow of hew and higher resolution cameras will continue to be felt here in Australia and the rest of the world. For in Melbourne, this is a welcomed opportunity to stack the deck with new collections of sophisticated gadgetry. Because they add to the variety of gadgetry components, they also introduce greater flexibility in configuring the most effective security solutions for customers.

The veteran camera

For years, the traditional Analog CCTV systems have been standard equipment for security cameras, that is, until the recent invasion of the market by the more sophisticated IP and HD-SDI versions. Despite fears of a possible dethroning, the Analog has surprisingly clung to its popularity rating and has managed to still remain the most widely used camera type on the market. This trend has been fuelled by popular usage as well as a downturn in prices due to the market glut that has seen supply outstripping demand for CCTV camera systems.

Tough competition generates improvements

At, we suspected that the analog CCTV and the newer IP and AD-SDI systems would be at loggerheads with one other to maintain their foothold in their respective market niches. It was also obvious that the latter had the edge on resolution capabilities but this did not catch the makers of Analog CCTV flatfooted. They deftly replaced their 420-500TVL camera resolution by the higher 600TVL, 700TVL(D1) and 960H versions which clinched a permanent hold on the market.

High resolution cameras is the name of the game

With high resolution cameras accepted as being the nexus of security surveillance by Analog CCTV and the makers of the IP and AD-SDI systems, the result has been agreeable for them since they both offer detailed recordings that can positively identify burglar activity in most cases. Nevertheless, for closer and more detailed identification as in the case of a number plate, the IP or HD-SDI would be the better camera to use. Price wise, the Analog CCTV is the better choice.

Cheap cameras are suspect         

If you desire a budget sensitive security system, we advise that you approach us and view the range of analogue CCTV security systems we have on offer. We have both systems at our disposal but we can help you choose the most effective configured system for your house or business premises. Avoid buying cheap offerings of cameras online but stick to the value and quality that we offer at If you agree, there is only one thing left for you to do.

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