Burglars know as we do at Security Installers that Christmas time is the perfect occasion for people to display how wealthy they are to themselves and to others. This is not necessarily bad in itself but it does draw attention to wealth and the things that the wealth buys from many stores during shopping. These activities are carefully watched and monitored by those that want to steal both the wealth and the items that it purchases from businesses.

The clandestine activity is seldom noticed

Burglars are calculating individuals who will spend hours scouting a home or homes and the movements of occupants of houses. They know, as is usually case from past experience that people become frantic buyers and forgetful ones at that when they are enveloped in the spirit of Christmas and the carefree buying that becomes part of it. If burglars are not stalking their potential prey(s) at the supermarkets, malls or small retail shops, they will definitely be waiting at a site somewhere near your home where they can enter at an opportune time.

Presence is never revealed prior to entry

You should know that burglars guard their anonymity very closely so you should pre-empt their thinking and start to think like a burglar yourself. You should imagine at what places they are most likely to position themselves for a careful and detailed study of your house and surroundings. You should also study the possible points of entry that the burglar may decide to make their entry. They will choose the most hidden or the most obvious so be careful about blind spots and an unlocked front door.

Shore up the likely blind spots

Once you have discovered the blind spots and the likely entry points the burglar will choose, start taking appropriate action to counter the moves. If you feel the front door is at risk, fortify it with suitable strengthening components such as very hard material and a very strong bolting component. If the fence is suspect, fix and strengthen it. If there are any obvious blind spots around you home, immediately approach a professional security provider and procure the best CCTV surveillance system for your house.

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