The CCTV system has been with us for years, and within that period, they’ve seen further development and improvement to the level of sophistication they are in now. The 3 main components of cameras, monitoring equipment and recording devices have combined to create what has become the most effective security system on the market. At in Melbourne we are proud providers of these excellent security surveillance systems to our customers.


The vulnerable areas to protect

For the purpose of protecting the vulnerable areas of your house, the CCTV security system is equipped with cameras, monitoring equipment and recording devices. Each one is an impeccable component on its own but all three play a complementary role for the system to function effectively as a whole. We know the propensity of this system of effectively protecting any home provided everything is done correctly in choosing the right system for your house and strategically placing them at the right sites around your house. If everything is done properly, the three components will perform in unison and give you the ultimate satisfaction and peace of mind that you seek.

Customization is not a problem

The tendency for customers to be fully contented these days is not only the availability of multi-purpose systems but also their ability in being customized to suit their preferences. This is a very important aspect of the provider/customer relationship and we go the extra mile in ensuring that our customers are provided with the type of customized product they need. Of course we ensure that even the customized version of the system we give to them will provide them maximum security and benefit. Nevertheless, we need the customer’s cooperation in explaining the full situation surrounding his preference so we can configure a system that will fully cater for their needs.

Types of detailed information needed

Before we even think about selecting and installing a customized CCTV security system, we need detailed information from the customer which, for good reasons must take place at the customer’s residence. All the entry points need to be located and listed, the height of the building’s doors and windows, the layout of the grounds, the angle and sweep of the cameras from where they are placed and many more considerations that need to be included and addressed. The blind sides and dark areas around the house for instance must be included. If the garage has proven to be the problem area, the placement of a camera there may be the solution. All possibilities must be explored and addressed and as professionals, we are equal to the task.

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