Long Distance is Definitely Not a Problem

When it becomes a matter of security over a long distance there are also long range camera systems that SecurityInstallers.com.au can supply to customers who need them.  For instance, you may need to monitor activities that happen at the front gate or at the end of your somewhat long driveway. Say the distance could be about 100 meters from where your main arsenal of cameras is located. We immediately recognize that several options are open to you.

The logistics and the most appropriate system

The first requirement that needs to be solved is for you to be able to put the cameras you need at the distant locations. At this juncture, the use of solar power is not advisable because of its unreliability. What you need is true blue grid power with its unlimited supply and latency where you are going to install your camera system. Normally a 240v power main grid should be installed at your gate and this is the ideal place for installing a surveillance system. Our experts at SecurityInstallers.com.au can assist you connect your system to the power grid.

Actual solutions to long distances

There are several methods that can fulfil your need for monitoring more isolated parts of your property and the ability of your cameras to ‘communicate’ between each other is of prime importance. In order to achieve this communication capability, several options are open to you and our experts at SecurityInstallers.com.au can conjure up very effective strategies to fulfil your wishes in this regard:

  • To allow the further camera to communicate we install a long range 2.4ghz or 5ghz CPE wireless access point transmitter or OAP and connect it to your router.
  • This is a Wi-Fi extender that sends your wireless network in a certain direction for 1000’s of meters.
  • Two transmitter Units are installed, one at the building and one at the gate for example and once they are lined, they can tested for strength.
  • For longer distances, repeaters can be installed to sustain the level of communication.
  • Once the connection becomes reliable, you will have a network Ethernet port available at your front gate!
  • We then install a hardwired IP camera of your choice and plug it into the OAP unit.
  • These systems can also be used to access the internet on other devices such as a computer if needed to facilitate contact with the workshop or a shed at the back of your property.

Setting up a surveillance camera that will work in consort with the rest of your security system is a real possibility and if you are so inclined in that direction, we invite you to do the next best thing.

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