The Amazing Wireless IP Camera

The wireless IP camera is another product worthy of mention and discussion. It is another amazing product that stores and provides to its customers at extremely affordable prices. The beauty of the system is where there is a wireless network the camera can be installed and used immediately. The cameras can be configured to suit specific needs. You can use a standalone camera for the surveillance of a small area or you may require multiple cameras to cover an extensive sire.

All alone but exceedingly affective

If you decide to use only one camera for the surveillance of a limited area, then the right configuration for you is the single wireless IP camera. You may be renting the place where you are currently living and setting up cable connections will simply not do because you may damage the wall or walls in the process. But an IP camera on its own is totally self-sufficient. All it needs is electrical current and once that starts to flow within its compact complex system, it will provide a service you’ve never experienced before. That’s why at, we supply this wonder camera at a price you’ll not find anywhere else.

The beauty of an NVR connected camera network

At, we insist on this very sophisticated network that can be easily connected with an NVR recorder. The beauty of this inter-connected system is that the video footage you take can be saved in the camera for later live viewing. Because the system comprises the installation of as many cameras as you need, there’s little chance of any clandestine activity escaping the many ‘eyes’ looking down on an extensive area where burglars may be lurking. There is simply nothing safer or more secure than having a wireless network of cameras that are directly connected to a NVR recorder. The pictures are stupendously clear, of high resolution and they can hardly miss anything that goes on inside or outside your abode.

The interconnecting configuration is unbelievably encompassing

Once you have your wireless installation connected to your NVR, you can just sit down and relax and let the system operate for your protection and those living with you. At Alarm Tech Security we know that once you’ve installed the system, it will become an essential part of your security. If you want to view video footage that was taken overnight, you can simply playback your NVR recorder and enjoy the spectacle of what happened the night before. Why, the footage can even help police in their investigations if a burglary did in fact happen on your premises.  If you want, you can even add a dedicated router to your system and connect it to your NVR.

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