It goes without saying that the larger the building the more difficult it would be to protect from burglars. We’ve noted that of all the buildings that are robbed, a vast majority are large buildings with scant security systems for warding off unwanted intrusions. Of course some large buildings do have effective security coverage but there are usually many weak spots that security installers fail to consider during the initial inspection. This omission can result in a very costly consequence to the home owners.

The most effective configuration should be chosen

When owners of large homes make their selection for a security system, they do so without any prior knowledge of what they really need and they inevitably end up with a system that is superfluous to needs or one that just does not fit the bill. This mistake has two direct results the first being that the system is ineffective and the second is that an expensive system has been purchased that does not act as the solution to the problem at hand. We can help you avoid these pitfalls.

The perfect solution to a serious problem

The ideal solution in this situation is to allow our professional staff to carry out a thorough inspection of your premises where you intend to install the security system. They have installed many systems in different sized homes in the past and their inspections are thorough and accurate. They consider the size, all the vulnerable sections and the distances between camera installation points and will make the perfect decision from these known facts.

Demand and supply now keep the price in check

There was a time in the life of security systems when demand outstripped supply simply because security systems had only entered the market in small quantities while the demand for their use hit the roof. Hence at their first introduction to customers prices were prohibitive. Now prices have started to fall due to increased supply of systems. Our prices at Security Installers have reduced over the years and homeowners are now culturing a need to have CCTV surveillance systems installed at their houses.

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