Once in a while you get the urge to get away from it all especially from the job, the business and the familiar scenery and faces. You just want to replace it with different views and refresh your whole physical, mental and spiritual make up. This is not at all uncommon and many do take to the skies in jet planes and head for distant destination such as the Orient, Europe and even the Middle East even despite all the instability. But there’s only one problem. How will you look after your home when you are many thousands of miles away?

The Perfect Home Sitter While Vacationing

At Security Installers we are always prepared for any security situation even when you are planning to go overseas for a well-earned rest from your routines. The right approach here is again to look for the ideal system configuration that suits your purpose and we are here to make sure you achieve your purpose. Of course there are many paths that you can choose from to take care of your interests but we can assure you our solution is the best there is and we advise you to opt for it.

Local assistance to help protect your house

You can leave your keys with your long time neighbour who will give you all the assurances to look after your home while you are away. Undoubtedly, the offer to help is entirely genuine but there are moments in our lives as humans that we just get tired, forgetful or sometimes other needs become more pressing that they take precedence over your home. In this kind of scenario the security of the home is always placed at risk and you stand to lose something that may prove valuable to you. To you this is an unsatisfactory situation and one that you can hardly gamble with.

Direct connectivity via a back office or mobile

Our connectivity options are so wide we are confident of covering all the bases including the prospect of your travel overseas for a vacation. We can provide a security system configuration that combines a direct mobile connection to your central control system installed at your home that can also connect to a back office station where standby crew can respond immediately to anything unusual that takes place in your house. You also can have visual contact with the inside of your home at any time by the push of your finger on your mobile phone.

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