IP Intercom System Service


All the top business establishments and corporations operates on a good intercommunication system. We at Security Installers Melbourne believe that this is an important system to keep your structure and assets protected by providing entry security as well as a vital means of communication. Because of technological developments, the old and traditional analogue systems have now developed into intercoms that take advantage of IP systems. These intercoms are equipped with the vital features necessary to protect all employees, visitors, and other persons inside your establishment.

So what are the advantages of an IP Intercom System? Well compared to unreliable analogue intercom systems, innovations through IP and network connections have improved the flexibility of intercom devices. This is done by adding an extensive range of smart features and new functionalities such as call re-routing and voice mail setup. With advanced systems, you will also be able to monitor and maintain your enterprise remotely, from anywhere in the world, through any smart device such as a phone or tablet. Because of this, operation has never been simpler to use and easier to work.

Most unimaginable complex security setups can now be implemented such as building automation. With additional data that comes with an IP intercom, such as knowing where a call originated, better security policies can be put in place. These systems are also much easier to install and operate in your building compared to the traditional analogue systems that come with disordered cables and appendages.

If you’re thinking of practicality, IP intercom systems are now actually very affordable. Thanks to tech advances, materials used to make the equipment are specially tailored to be cheaper while also improving quality. Also with the fact that an IP Intercom system takes advantage of network connections, this will save you time and money on installation costs. As for performance, there will be no more of that buzzy audio feed or pixelated and delayed video. IP intercom system performance are highly superior to the old traditional systems.

Additionally, these IP intercom systems will surely develop guest experience and will impress your customers. This fact will passively increase your company value and improve your company reputation.

If you want to have these benefits for your business enterprise we are the perfect partner for you. We at Security Installers Melbourne have years of experience in the delivery and installation of these IP intercom systems as well as other security features. Our team of well-trained and highly skilled experts only use the best quality equipment and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Home Security Systems


Melbourne is a great city. But like all great cities, Melbourne is not immune to crime. Many homeowners worry about burglary or break-ins that happen from time to time and consider this when it comes to securing their selves, their families, and their properties. Despite this and the increasing rate of crime in many cities, only a few residents have a set-up security alarm system for their homes. Be one of the prepared homeowners and invest in a security system with Security Installers Melbourne now.

Many studies and statistical analysis have proven data that an alarm system for your home will be the main deterrent against theft and breaking and entering. Criminals are opportunistic by nature and will only attack easy targets. A smart burglar will not even consider targeting a house with these systems in place. Homes without an alarm system however are an easy target. It is also important to take note that a lock and bolt in place will no longer protect you from such crimes. Most cases of burglary and theft involve breaking in by force, with the criminals breaking a window or a door lock.

More than just investing in a security system, alarm monitoring services are also very crucial for your home. Aside from simply protecting your home, these types of systems will alert the police in the case of a break-in, and so forth.

As an added investment, another important reason to invest in alarm monitoring is for the extra smoke and fire detectors that provide another layer of security. Fires are very hazardous and will cause a lot of property damage. Therefore, it is important to prepare and protect your home from said fires. An alarm monitoring system that can report the fire quickly will be very useful.

When thinking of having these alarm systems installed, a major factor that will affect your decision is of course the affordability. Costs will vary depending on the system that you would use and the layout of your home due to the accessories such as motion detectors, glass break sensors and many more. Whatever the price though, your loss thru any possible break ins and burglary will be significantly more than with the costs of the alarm system.

We at Security Installers Melbourne guarantee the best alarm system for your home. With our expert team of professionals, our team will be able to do the suitable groundwork, inspection and continue with the finest equipment to install, and maintain the alarm systems that we will deliver for you to your satisfaction.

CCTV for Residential Areas


CCTV Systems are commonly used for security for many industrial establishments such as shopping malls, shops, restaurants and other businesses. However, its use for residential places are now quickly becoming more and more apparent as many homeowners are now realizing the importance of installing these systems. We at Security Installers Melbourne assure you that a CCTV system will be a great investment to be added for your homes. Here are a few advantages of having a CCTV system for your home.

CCTV stands for Closed-circuit Television and is the most popular security video surveillance in this era. Its main function is of course the increased security it provides but continuously recording and transmitting video feeds specified for you. You can continuously monitor events at your home as it happens in the present time. Even if you are far away you it is possible for you to remotely see what’s happening in your home when you have advanced CCTV systems. This is very useful especially if you have children or any other things that you might need to keep an eye on. A properly installed CCTV system through Security Installers Melbourne will allow you to scan essential areas of your house.

CCTV systems are also deterrent to any possible crime as many studies and research work have already proven. At the low chance that anything bad might happen, well recordings from your installed system will definitely prove valuable as evidence. As the CCTV continuously records events, you can review them as you desire.

Finally, having a CCTV video surveillance system is known as a one-time investment. It is very cost-efficient nowadays because of new technology that allows us to produce cheaper but more effective products. With Security Installers Melbourne, it is possible for you to avail this service without having to worry about the expenses. The most important thing to consider is that not only will it save you a lot on future insurance costs, but it will give you the peace of mind.

Simply put, protecting your home is no longer as complicated or expensive as you might believe in. With Security Installers Melbourne, we assure that the technology we provide will be simple enough to understand, use, and maintain. If you believe that you would benefit from these then contact us today and we will have everything prepared for the safety of your home and protection of your family.


CCTV for Business Service


Melbourne, one of Australia’s greatest cities, is generally a safe place to live in. However, it is not a perfect city, and like all great cities around the world, is vulnerable to crime. Bad news for many business owners especially with property crimes such as theft, and breaking and entering still occurring around the city.

With the prevalent cases of these crimes, it is no wonder that many business owners spend a lot to keep their businesses secured. Luckily you have Security Installers Melbourne’s CCTV services to help you easily secure your precious investments.

CCTV stands for a Close Circuit Television and is the most popular video surveillance security system from Security Installers Melbourne for most business and property owners. All businesses come with valuable investments on properties and other expenses. Most business owners know that these risks come with their business. With a CCTV system installed by us at Security Installers Melbourne, you will be able to monitor your system as events happen in real time. Not only that but you would also be able to record any incident that occurs within your system’s range. In any case that crime may happen, you would have access to valuable records against those criminals to be used for the court of law.

A secondary advantage is the fact that you would be able to manage your assets remotely. With advanced CCTV systems from Security Installers Melbourne, you would be able to remotely monitor your enterprise from anywhere in the world. It is also important to take note that your employees and other key persons for your business are also your assets that would benefit from our systems. They would be able to feel much safer in their workplace and with the knowledge of a system that is monitoring them, promote that much needed productivity.

This great investment of a CCTV system from us will not only be very beneficial for your business but is also very affordable and cost-effective. All equipment are of the highest standard, guaranteed. If you are interested in having this CCTV system and all the advantages and protection that comes with it for your business, contact us now or give us a call today so that we can start preparing and customizing the system that you may need. We at Security Installers Melbourne guarantee the best service for you and your enterprise.

Business Alarm Systems in Melbourne


Being a business owner can be rewarding. But owning one is not easy. It is a huge risk. The efforts needed just to start let alone working for its success is incalculable. This is why unprepared business owners that are victims of such property crimes suffer the most. Protect your investments with Security Installers Melbourne – Business Alarm system services and be ready! Secure your priceless investments from thievery and vandals by adding a good alarm system.

For the safety of you and your business investments, there are many available types of alarm systems that you can select from. Each type has its pros and cons and we ate Security Installers Melbourne are here to help you choose. This is critical because the alarm system you select to install for your enterprise will indicate the level of safety you want for you, your employees and your assets.

One category to choose from for your alarm system is the wiring feature, either wired and wireless. As usual both will have their pros and cons. Don’t fret as Security Installers Melbourne will help you in your decision making.

Wireless alarm systems, due to the portability it provides, are easier to install. However, you will have to make sure to replace batteries regularly. Wired systems on the other hand are more durable and much cheaper. You will no longer need to worry about replacing batteries as they are directly connected to your power system. However, due to this installation will be more difficult and in any case of a power outage, your system will not be operational.

Aside from this, your business security alarm system will come with many essential accessories that will depend on your site’s layout and infrastructure. Some examples of these gadgets that we will set up around your office are door sensors and motion detectors, glass break sensors and smoke detectors. We will tailor the most suitable alarm system for your particular needs.

Security is the one of the most significant investment for all types of businesses and we guarantee to give you high-quality alarm system available. We at Security Installers Melbourne guarantee the best alarm system for your enterprise. With our expert team of professionals, our team will be able to do the suitable groundwork, inspection and continue with the finest equipment to install, and maintain the alarm systems that we will deliver for you to your satisfaction.

Valuable Information You Should Know about Sales of Security Systems


sheep_bewareWe’ve all heard about website, product and app scams on the internet. In fact nearly every online activity has its very own scam opposite. If this wasn’t bad enough, there is also the need for you to be careful of travelling salesmen who travel everywhere in a door to door fashion making uninvited visits to homes. These use annoying pressure tactics and fraud to entice unsuspecting customers to buy high priced, low quality security systems they don’t really need. Here are a few hints on how to tell if a salesperson is selling you a scam security system:

  • Fake IDs – there are many different ways to conjure up false IDs these days so you should make it a necessary hobby to study up the difference between genuine and fake IDs and how and by whom they are made. Specific info you should look for from sales people are their names, company they work for and the products they are offering. Also ask for license and photo ID. A fake ID means your salesperson is definitely a fraud.
  • Time limited offers – a favourite trick used by scam salesmen who use verbal pressure to make you act quickly without thinking. Signing a contract is usually the culmination of the deal after you’ve been informed the equipment such as an alarm is offered free (but usually with strings attached. Either read up the contract to know what you are signing your wealth away for or tell them nicely to leave
  • The stubborn approach – another tactic some fake salespersons use is to simply barge into your home and refuse to leave until you comply to their wishes. It would be quite in order for you to let the salespersons you aren’t interested and show them the door. Actually it would be wiser if you said “no” at the doorstep rather than to try and get him/her out of your house after they’ve dug their heels in. And never hesitate to take further action if they refuse to leave, like calling the police.
  • The scare approach – sales agents can even use scare tactics to force their point home and one favourite trick is by bombarding you mind with trumped up stories about a string of robberies in your district (all of which are false of course).
  • The upgrading approach – after telling you that they are there to renovate or upgrade your existing security system, sales agents very quickly install a new system and then get you to sign documents that will bind you to a long term contract for a monitoring service. Beware of new upgrades to your current system!

Making you House More Secure with Motion Detectors


The security of our home is a very important part of our lives because in addition to providing safety for family members, valuables and property, it can actually reduce the amount of insurance premium that we pay out. Security systems galore of every type, size and sophistication are available on shop shelves these days. Nevertheless perhaps because of its lower price tag and suitable effectiveness, motion detectors have proven to be very popular with home owners. Why? Because they:

  • Possess so much versatility and flexibility they can be connected to any other system
  • Can be installed into many different sites of your house
  • Can be used to activate a myriad of devices to go into motion in protecting your home
  • Are able to be used in many different ways for addressing security issues

The most common use to which motion detectors have been deployed is in exposing the presence of intruders who are hiding themselves under the cover of darkness. In combination with lights connected to them, motion detectors are able to activate the lights when the movements of would be intruders register on the detector and automatically triggers a mechanism that turns the connected light on. Many home owners have also experienced the merit of installing a motion detector at their home when they themselves try to enter their own domain. The detectors instantly capture their movements and automatically turn the lights on providing them with light for finding their way to the main door.

You can also use motion detectors inside your own house to achieve the following:

  • You have an instant alarm system that can alert you to the presence of intruders.
  • You can save on the amount of utility bill you have to pay simply because you don’t need to leave your porch lights on all night.
  • You may also increase your electricity bill by forgetting to flip the switch and turn off the lights.
  • The lights working in consort with your detectors mean that they will only come on when movement is detected and automatically shut down after the timer delay has run out.
  • You won’t be consuming so much electricity after you install a motion detector system.

Motion detectors have now added another feature to their surveillance capabilities – cameras – which are newcomers to the security scene. The cameras can be installed is a particular area to capture action but can also be hidden inside objects (such as a teddy bear or other stuffed animal and moved from place to place whenever needed.  But the assistance of a security expert may be needed to install and operate the more technologically advanced motion detector system with cameras.

The Perfect Strategy for Combating Fire Outbreaks


Fires in the home can prove to be very dangerous incidents that can cause untold damage and injury to both property and occupants alike. But for all their destruction, fires are different from natural disasters such as floods and cyclones. Unlike other natural disasters, at least preparations can be made to prevent the occurrence of fires and mitigate the damage they cause even if they can’t be put out entirely.

Some very important facts about fire related incidents should be kept in mind so that damage can be kept to a minimum. Such facts will include but are not limited to the following:

  • Once a fire starts, it will spread out much more quickly than most people can imagine.
  • Contact should be made to the fire department the moment the start of a fire is identified
  • Immediate evacuation by everyone in the house should be processed as quickly as possible.
  • Everything should be done to keep the fire from spreading to the whole building
  • A matter of only a few minutes is all that it takes for a fire to cause minimal or maximum damage to a house.

Since the need to detect the start of a fire as early as possible is a critical phase, the ability to monitor the home environment at all times is critical for preventing a fire or minimizing potential damage or injuries. This is where the difference between a smoke detector and a fire alarm can be a critical choice. For now, a fire alarm system is watched by a monitoring inbuilt service 24/7 which can immediately notify the local fire department. This is the ideal solution for minimizing damage and possibly saving lives.

Alarm systems used by commercial and industrial companies are usually of the high-end types with rather high price tags. You can however dispense with some of the accessories attached to the systems such as bells and whistles and procure an affordable alarm system that provides the right solution for your security problems. You may even opt for a CCTV surveillance system to really boost your security situation but you must choose one that will effectively address your security needs.

You will find that you can dispense with some of the add on gadgetry and devices that alarm or camera systems feature these days. Although they may make the system work better and more efficiently, you can achieve your own security goals by opting to purchase a more basic system with lesser attachments. For instance, you can do without that attached water sprinkler to an alarm system since you can perform the action yourself after being alerted by your basic alarm system.

So it’s not really how sophisticated an alarm or camera system can be but how effective a basic alarm, camera or access point can perform in pointing out the danger!

Don’t Forget About Your Security When You Go on Holidays!


Way Up North to Escape Winter

No one is perfect but during this Christmas season, we at SecurityInstallers.com.au in Melbourne are extra careful in how we assist our clients who buy our security alarm systems. We know that the Christmas holidays causes people to leave their homes and head north for sunnier destinations. In doing so they leave their homes seemingly at the mercy of burglars, but never fear.  We have conjured up all the ways and means of protecting their valuables and property when they are away. This allows them to enjoy their vacation without a care in the world, so here are several that may also help you if you are likewise heading north.

Hints on Making Absolutely Sure Your Alarm System Works!

After our customers make purchases from us, we despatch a professional expert from our office to accompany them and install the system.  After our professional has installed the system it will be thoroughly tested to make sure that everything is fully operational and the customer will be familiarized with procedures on how to test and maintain the system consisting of the following:

  • Test the security system – How? Very simple. Check your system manually and make sure all components are functioning properly. If the noise disturbs those connected to your alarm system such as the police, inform us and we will send one of our top professionals to do the testing. This initial step will identify any irregularities the system might be encountering.
  • Attend to repairs and maintenance needs – During this maintenance and repair check other flaws and shortcomings may be identified for which proper action for repairs or updates need to be put in place. Protection for windows, garage or even the shed should be factored in at this stage so that your property is totally covered in terms of security needs. These new parts of your property may need different types of security systems such as a sounding alarm or a visual monitoring system.
  • Learn about virtual home monitoring – This monitoring system is one of the best systems inventions of the 21st century. This gadget is like something in a science fiction movie. It can view different rooms, unlock doors, turn heat or lighting on or off from anywhere that has internet connection. It is truly futuristic and we can help you install it wherever you need it your home.
  • Home lighting on a timer – These timers are perfect when you are away on vacation. These incredible gadgets can switch lights on or off in your home at night during different intervals giving the impression that someone is still in the house, when in fact no one is there.

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Safety When It Comes to Parking Garages


Dangers of Indoor Parking

With the ever increasing city populace, available space for parking has turned premium with multi-storied indoor parking lots dotting the Melbourne skyline and causing related security and safety issues. For not only is there a rising number of employees, they also tend to work long hours that extend late into the night and sometimes into the early mornings. This in turn brings with it the daunting prospect of having your car tampered with in the parking space or you are physically assaulted. What can you do?

Know your working domain well!

It would be expedient to take stock of your situation and make a study tour of your workplace and its surroundings. The distance of your car from the elevator, places where you can hide and the best route to follow during an incident. Also important is to have alliances with work mates, security guard or a particular person in the area that may mean the difference between your safety or injury or even death. Safety and security issues are not to be taken lightly but be careful when you give your personal information and check other’s information.

Never appear vulnerable at any time

Assailants and thieves are always wary of alert and active people who can put up a struggle. Typically people who steal are opportunists who will look for a weak moment and suddenly assail the unwary victim. Never stay talking or sending and receiving text messages out in the open. A moment is all that a thief needs to suddenly launch an attack and get inside your defences to do what they have  been bent on doing for the past few minutes or so. If you cannot prevent taking a call, always talk with your eyes scanning your surroundings.

Survey your indoor parking floor

Making sure that you are intimately familiar with the safety features inside your indoor parking lot will definitely act in your favour. During this holiday season, you have no idea what burglars can conjure up to get inside your car, accost you as soon as you exit the company elevator or as you are walking to your car. Make sure you know where the security cameras are and when an emergency situation arises, always pre-empt the possibility of luring your attacker towards them wherever they are located.

Having a plan always helps

Using your mobile phone is your best bet when you are on the move anywhere between home and office, the car and your office or from the elevator to and from your car parked in a interior parking lot. Use it to call 911 or a family member when you get into a difficult situation. Work out a plan with a friend, family member or work colleague.

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