sheep_bewareWe’ve all heard about website, product and app scams on the internet. In fact nearly every online activity has its very own scam opposite. If this wasn’t bad enough, there is also the need for you to be careful of travelling salesmen who travel everywhere in a door to door fashion making uninvited visits to homes. These use annoying pressure tactics and fraud to entice unsuspecting customers to buy high priced, low quality security systems they don’t really need. Here are a few hints on how to tell if a salesperson is selling you a scam security system:

  • Fake IDs – there are many different ways to conjure up false IDs these days so you should make it a necessary hobby to study up the difference between genuine and fake IDs and how and by whom they are made. Specific info you should look for from sales people are their names, company they work for and the products they are offering. Also ask for license and photo ID. A fake ID means your salesperson is definitely a fraud.
  • Time limited offers – a favourite trick used by scam salesmen who use verbal pressure to make you act quickly without thinking. Signing a contract is usually the culmination of the deal after you’ve been informed the equipment such as an alarm is offered free (but usually with strings attached. Either read up the contract to know what you are signing your wealth away for or tell them nicely to leave
  • The stubborn approach – another tactic some fake salespersons use is to simply barge into your home and refuse to leave until you comply to their wishes. It would be quite in order for you to let the salespersons you aren’t interested and show them the door. Actually it would be wiser if you said “no” at the doorstep rather than to try and get him/her out of your house after they’ve dug their heels in. And never hesitate to take further action if they refuse to leave, like calling the police.
  • The scare approach – sales agents can even use scare tactics to force their point home and one favourite trick is by bombarding you mind with trumped up stories about a string of robberies in your district (all of which are false of course).
  • The upgrading approach – after telling you that they are there to renovate or upgrade your existing security system, sales agents very quickly install a new system and then get you to sign documents that will bind you to a long term contract for a monitoring service. Beware of new upgrades to your current system!