IP Intercom System Service


All the top business establishments and corporations operates on a good intercommunication system. We at Security Installers Melbourne believe that this is an important system to keep your structure and assets protected by providing entry security as well as a vital means of communication. Because of technological developments, the old and traditional analogue systems have now developed into intercoms that take advantage of IP systems. These intercoms are equipped with the vital features necessary to protect all employees, visitors, and other persons inside your establishment.

So what are the advantages of an IP Intercom System? Well compared to unreliable analogue intercom systems, innovations through IP and network connections have improved the flexibility of intercom devices. This is done by adding an extensive range of smart features and new functionalities such as call re-routing and voice mail setup. With advanced systems, you will also be able to monitor and maintain your enterprise remotely, from anywhere in the world, through any smart device such as a phone or tablet. Because of this, operation has never been simpler to use and easier to work.

Most unimaginable complex security setups can now be implemented such as building automation. With additional data that comes with an IP intercom, such as knowing where a call originated, better security policies can be put in place. These systems are also much easier to install and operate in your building compared to the traditional analogue systems that come with disordered cables and appendages.

If you’re thinking of practicality, IP intercom systems are now actually very affordable. Thanks to tech advances, materials used to make the equipment are specially tailored to be cheaper while also improving quality. Also with the fact that an IP Intercom system takes advantage of network connections, this will save you time and money on installation costs. As for performance, there will be no more of that buzzy audio feed or pixelated and delayed video. IP intercom system performance are highly superior to the old traditional systems.

Additionally, these IP intercom systems will surely develop guest experience and will impress your customers. This fact will passively increase your company value and improve your company reputation.

If you want to have these benefits for your business enterprise we are the perfect partner for you. We at Security Installers Melbourne have years of experience in the delivery and installation of these IP intercom systems as well as other security features. Our team of well-trained and highly skilled experts only use the best quality equipment and guarantee customer satisfaction.

CCTV for Residential Areas


CCTV Systems are commonly used for security for many industrial establishments such as shopping malls, shops, restaurants and other businesses. However, its use for residential places are now quickly becoming more and more apparent as many homeowners are now realizing the importance of installing these systems. We at Security Installers Melbourne assure you that a CCTV system will be a great investment to be added for your homes. Here are a few advantages of having a CCTV system for your home.

CCTV stands for Closed-circuit Television and is the most popular security video surveillance in this era. Its main function is of course the increased security it provides but continuously recording and transmitting video feeds specified for you. You can continuously monitor events at your home as it happens in the present time. Even if you are far away you it is possible for you to remotely see what’s happening in your home when you have advanced CCTV systems. This is very useful especially if you have children or any other things that you might need to keep an eye on. A properly installed CCTV system through Security Installers Melbourne will allow you to scan essential areas of your house.

CCTV systems are also deterrent to any possible crime as many studies and research work have already proven. At the low chance that anything bad might happen, well recordings from your installed system will definitely prove valuable as evidence. As the CCTV continuously records events, you can review them as you desire.

Finally, having a CCTV video surveillance system is known as a one-time investment. It is very cost-efficient nowadays because of new technology that allows us to produce cheaper but more effective products. With Security Installers Melbourne, it is possible for you to avail this service without having to worry about the expenses. The most important thing to consider is that not only will it save you a lot on future insurance costs, but it will give you the peace of mind.

Simply put, protecting your home is no longer as complicated or expensive as you might believe in. With Security Installers Melbourne, we assure that the technology we provide will be simple enough to understand, use, and maintain. If you believe that you would benefit from these then contact us today and we will have everything prepared for the safety of your home and protection of your family.


CCTV for Business Service


Melbourne, one of Australia’s greatest cities, is generally a safe place to live in. However, it is not a perfect city, and like all great cities around the world, is vulnerable to crime. Bad news for many business owners especially with property crimes such as theft, and breaking and entering still occurring around the city.

With the prevalent cases of these crimes, it is no wonder that many business owners spend a lot to keep their businesses secured. Luckily you have Security Installers Melbourne’s CCTV services to help you easily secure your precious investments.

CCTV stands for a Close Circuit Television and is the most popular video surveillance security system from Security Installers Melbourne for most business and property owners. All businesses come with valuable investments on properties and other expenses. Most business owners know that these risks come with their business. With a CCTV system installed by us at Security Installers Melbourne, you will be able to monitor your system as events happen in real time. Not only that but you would also be able to record any incident that occurs within your system’s range. In any case that crime may happen, you would have access to valuable records against those criminals to be used for the court of law.

A secondary advantage is the fact that you would be able to manage your assets remotely. With advanced CCTV systems from Security Installers Melbourne, you would be able to remotely monitor your enterprise from anywhere in the world. It is also important to take note that your employees and other key persons for your business are also your assets that would benefit from our systems. They would be able to feel much safer in their workplace and with the knowledge of a system that is monitoring them, promote that much needed productivity.

This great investment of a CCTV system from us will not only be very beneficial for your business but is also very affordable and cost-effective. All equipment are of the highest standard, guaranteed. If you are interested in having this CCTV system and all the advantages and protection that comes with it for your business, contact us now or give us a call today so that we can start preparing and customizing the system that you may need. We at Security Installers Melbourne guarantee the best service for you and your enterprise.

Safety When It Comes to Parking Garages


Dangers of Indoor Parking

With the ever increasing city populace, available space for parking has turned premium with multi-storied indoor parking lots dotting the Melbourne skyline and causing related security and safety issues. For not only is there a rising number of employees, they also tend to work long hours that extend late into the night and sometimes into the early mornings. This in turn brings with it the daunting prospect of having your car tampered with in the parking space or you are physically assaulted. What can you do?

Know your working domain well!

It would be expedient to take stock of your situation and make a study tour of your workplace and its surroundings. The distance of your car from the elevator, places where you can hide and the best route to follow during an incident. Also important is to have alliances with work mates, security guard or a particular person in the area that may mean the difference between your safety or injury or even death. Safety and security issues are not to be taken lightly but be careful when you give your personal information and check other’s information.

Never appear vulnerable at any time

Assailants and thieves are always wary of alert and active people who can put up a struggle. Typically people who steal are opportunists who will look for a weak moment and suddenly assail the unwary victim. Never stay talking or sending and receiving text messages out in the open. A moment is all that a thief needs to suddenly launch an attack and get inside your defences to do what they have  been bent on doing for the past few minutes or so. If you cannot prevent taking a call, always talk with your eyes scanning your surroundings.

Survey your indoor parking floor

Making sure that you are intimately familiar with the safety features inside your indoor parking lot will definitely act in your favour. During this holiday season, you have no idea what burglars can conjure up to get inside your car, accost you as soon as you exit the company elevator or as you are walking to your car. Make sure you know where the security cameras are and when an emergency situation arises, always pre-empt the possibility of luring your attacker towards them wherever they are located.

Having a plan always helps

Using your mobile phone is your best bet when you are on the move anywhere between home and office, the car and your office or from the elevator to and from your car parked in a interior parking lot. Use it to call 911 or a family member when you get into a difficult situation. Work out a plan with a friend, family member or work colleague.

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