Don’t Forget About Your Security When You Go on Holidays!


Way Up North to Escape Winter

No one is perfect but during this Christmas season, we at in Melbourne are extra careful in how we assist our clients who buy our security alarm systems. We know that the Christmas holidays causes people to leave their homes and head north for sunnier destinations. In doing so they leave their homes seemingly at the mercy of burglars, but never fear.  We have conjured up all the ways and means of protecting their valuables and property when they are away. This allows them to enjoy their vacation without a care in the world, so here are several that may also help you if you are likewise heading north.

Hints on Making Absolutely Sure Your Alarm System Works!

After our customers make purchases from us, we despatch a professional expert from our office to accompany them and install the system.  After our professional has installed the system it will be thoroughly tested to make sure that everything is fully operational and the customer will be familiarized with procedures on how to test and maintain the system consisting of the following:

  • Test the security system – How? Very simple. Check your system manually and make sure all components are functioning properly. If the noise disturbs those connected to your alarm system such as the police, inform us and we will send one of our top professionals to do the testing. This initial step will identify any irregularities the system might be encountering.
  • Attend to repairs and maintenance needs – During this maintenance and repair check other flaws and shortcomings may be identified for which proper action for repairs or updates need to be put in place. Protection for windows, garage or even the shed should be factored in at this stage so that your property is totally covered in terms of security needs. These new parts of your property may need different types of security systems such as a sounding alarm or a visual monitoring system.
  • Learn about virtual home monitoring – This monitoring system is one of the best systems inventions of the 21st century. This gadget is like something in a science fiction movie. It can view different rooms, unlock doors, turn heat or lighting on or off from anywhere that has internet connection. It is truly futuristic and we can help you install it wherever you need it your home.
  • Home lighting on a timer – These timers are perfect when you are away on vacation. These incredible gadgets can switch lights on or off in your home at night during different intervals giving the impression that someone is still in the house, when in fact no one is there.

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Safety When It Comes to Parking Garages


Dangers of Indoor Parking

With the ever increasing city populace, available space for parking has turned premium with multi-storied indoor parking lots dotting the Melbourne skyline and causing related security and safety issues. For not only is there a rising number of employees, they also tend to work long hours that extend late into the night and sometimes into the early mornings. This in turn brings with it the daunting prospect of having your car tampered with in the parking space or you are physically assaulted. What can you do?

Know your working domain well!

It would be expedient to take stock of your situation and make a study tour of your workplace and its surroundings. The distance of your car from the elevator, places where you can hide and the best route to follow during an incident. Also important is to have alliances with work mates, security guard or a particular person in the area that may mean the difference between your safety or injury or even death. Safety and security issues are not to be taken lightly but be careful when you give your personal information and check other’s information.

Never appear vulnerable at any time

Assailants and thieves are always wary of alert and active people who can put up a struggle. Typically people who steal are opportunists who will look for a weak moment and suddenly assail the unwary victim. Never stay talking or sending and receiving text messages out in the open. A moment is all that a thief needs to suddenly launch an attack and get inside your defences to do what they have  been bent on doing for the past few minutes or so. If you cannot prevent taking a call, always talk with your eyes scanning your surroundings.

Survey your indoor parking floor

Making sure that you are intimately familiar with the safety features inside your indoor parking lot will definitely act in your favour. During this holiday season, you have no idea what burglars can conjure up to get inside your car, accost you as soon as you exit the company elevator or as you are walking to your car. Make sure you know where the security cameras are and when an emergency situation arises, always pre-empt the possibility of luring your attacker towards them wherever they are located.

Having a plan always helps

Using your mobile phone is your best bet when you are on the move anywhere between home and office, the car and your office or from the elevator to and from your car parked in a interior parking lot. Use it to call 911 or a family member when you get into a difficult situation. Work out a plan with a friend, family member or work colleague.

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Strobe Light – The forgotten important element of alarms


The Indispensable Blue Light

Many people agree that the dog is a man’s best friend but for added security to his house the occupant also has another very reliable friend – the strobe light. Some people go even further by saying that the light is a very important part of an effective home security system. At NTC in Melbourne we tend to agree and often suggest their inclusion in any alarm system configuration to our clients. What is it? This light is a high intensity light that emits a blue light that can be visible over a long distance and is placed on the system’s siren outside cover.

An operational wonder when triggered

The strobe light is part and parcel of a complete alarm system that when triggered puts into motion a series of events that will call attention to what is happening. For instance, it will draw attention to a breaking in or the entering of your home by a burglar that has intentions of stealing your valuables. It will also inform you of any other strange activities that take place near or around your house. When triggered, the system instantaneously sets off well-coordinated action between its different features in a well synchronized security system for the protection of you home.

The different components silently go into action

There is nothing more attractive and also eerie to watch than the synchronized and immediate responses of each different component when the power is turned on. The minute the system is triggered on, all the sirens, the internal screamers and external siren go into action sounding the alert to both house occupants and nearby houses.  The blue strobe light likewise automatically goes into action flashing its warning for everyone to see telling them that a clandestine activity is in progress. An automatic dialler also alerts the Back to Base station a control panel at the station or your own mobile phone for security purposes.

The aftermath of the burglary event

The system does not continue to operate non-stop. After about 2 minutes the sirens become silent but the strobe light continues to flicker intermittently on and off until it is manually turned off. The function of the strobe light is unique in that while it is flickering, it means something has triggered the system off. If it is dormant, it alerts the house owner to the fact that no unusual event has taken place around the house or outside. It gives you forewarning if the house is safe to enter or otherwise before you actually enter it. This is the reason why the strobe light should be part of the alarm system.

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