The security of our home is a very important part of our lives because in addition to providing safety for family members, valuables and property, it can actually reduce the amount of insurance premium that we pay out. Security systems galore of every type, size and sophistication are available on shop shelves these days. Nevertheless perhaps because of its lower price tag and suitable effectiveness, motion detectors have proven to be very popular with home owners. Why? Because they:

  • Possess so much versatility and flexibility they can be connected to any other system
  • Can be installed into many different sites of your house
  • Can be used to activate a myriad of devices to go into motion in protecting your home
  • Are able to be used in many different ways for addressing security issues

The most common use to which motion detectors have been deployed is in exposing the presence of intruders who are hiding themselves under the cover of darkness. In combination with lights connected to them, motion detectors are able to activate the lights when the movements of would be intruders register on the detector and automatically triggers a mechanism that turns the connected light on. Many home owners have also experienced the merit of installing a motion detector at their home when they themselves try to enter their own domain. The detectors instantly capture their movements and automatically turn the lights on providing them with light for finding their way to the main door.

You can also use motion detectors inside your own house to achieve the following:

  • You have an instant alarm system that can alert you to the presence of intruders.
  • You can save on the amount of utility bill you have to pay simply because you don’t need to leave your porch lights on all night.
  • You may also increase your electricity bill by forgetting to flip the switch and turn off the lights.
  • The lights working in consort with your detectors mean that they will only come on when movement is detected and automatically shut down after the timer delay has run out.
  • You won’t be consuming so much electricity after you install a motion detector system.

Motion detectors have now added another feature to their surveillance capabilities – cameras – which are newcomers to the security scene. The cameras can be installed is a particular area to capture action but can also be hidden inside objects (such as a teddy bear or other stuffed animal and moved from place to place whenever needed.  But the assistance of a security expert may be needed to install and operate the more technologically advanced motion detector system with cameras.