sheep_bewareAlarm system is probably more prevalent in residential or commercial setting. Commonly known as the burglar alarm, its purpose ranges from the protection of one’s assets from thefts, break-in, or loss; to minimise, if not, abstain the possibility of business disruption and ensure the safety of the premises. Burglar alarm can stand alone or comes together with other features such as video monitoring, door and window sensors, or motion detector, optionally installed depending on the needs of the users.


Besides, alarm system is also being employed in medical setting. It is hard to miss the big red button located almost everywhere within a hospital and this marks, part of a typical medical alarm system. Upon pressing the button, siren will go off at the relevant monitor centre (usually the nurse station), so that help can be rendered at once. Similar idea is exercised in nursing homes or residences with elderly and special care, in which by pressing the emergency button, nearby clinics or even the police station, will be informed for assistance.


With the sound level going as high as 135 decibels, civil defence alarm may bear a greater responsibility within the neighbourhood. As its main role is to inform community of any life threatening weather conditions like tornadoes or tsunamis as well as possible air-raids.


Some businesses regard alarm systems as cutting down expenditure on property insurance. Indeed, property owners tend to save an approximately 10 to 20% on insurance with the installation of an alarm system. Nevertheless, do bear in mind that the success of an alarm system cannot be solely dedicated to just the alarm, which triggers upon unauthorised entry. Most of the times, an alarm system also works hand in hand with many of its counterparts and target at many more other purposes too.


For example, the fire detector. From time to time, a heat detector or a smoke detector may be connected to an alarm system so in the case of fire, siren will go off instantly, warning everyone nearby. Moreover, some alarm system also comes with a flood detector, especially those that had been installed at the basement or garage of a building or house, to notify owners of unusual rise in water level. The other less common yet significant alarms include the smoke poisoning detector and the electrocution detector, both of which can be found in high risk industries or manufacturing plants.


As a result, it is important to find out the purpose of installing an alarm system and the context to which it will be of use, before embarking on an installation.