The details about having a security system do not come to a full stop when the system is finally installed and fully functional. Often besides maintenance, there are also other things we need to pay attention to, so that the installed system is durable and fully serving our needs.


A good way to practice being a great user is to set a good password. This may seem trivial but most people neglect or even underestimate the importance of this seemingly low level protection. A good and regular changing password will add credentials to the existing network, shrinking the attack surface that is made available to hackers or spams.


Next, one should set an acceptable limit to access permission. Most of the time, even though the network or the security system bears a strong and constantly updated password, too many people are holding onto the information. Hence, defeating the purpose of having a good password from the very start.


If the security system rests on a particular application, make sure constant updates are being done so that it will not run on the older version of the software. While upgrading, also make sure that the upgraded version is fully compatible too all the machines that it is currently supporting. Sometimes, certain data may be lost during upgrading thus make sure that the existing program or data is rightly saved.


Name all default accounts, this is important especially if there is change that the system will be used by an external party. Sometimes, careless users will not make an effort to rename the default and administrator accounts, hence making it hard to trace the root of certain software problems. It will also create a security loop hole in which individuals with illegitimate access shall come into the system and start changing the names of default or administrator accounts.


Do not always think that it is the system’s fault. Sometimes an alarm goes off because a particular door or window is not shut properly. Thus, make sure that all physical structures are check before zooming into the system. Recently, the smarter security system is able to identify the source and location of the problem at once, but it will be good to make a habit to check for signs of malfunction.


Great user mounts from small good habits, therefore, as long as we make sure that these minor steps are follow through, it will definitely lead us a long way.