It doesn’t really matter which city we live in these days. Cities all have one thing in common – robberies. The sad thing is that most people usually believe that robberies will happen to other people and not themselves. At we believe this to be a serious misconception that can have very serious repercussions to yourself, your loved ones and your valuables. If you are prepared to pre-empt the occurrence of a robbery than ignoring it, we will be right in your corner.

The best medicine against robbers

After 10 years in the security game in Melbourne, we have a few tricks up our sleeves and one of them is in providing top quality alarm systems. Robbers abhor being caught in the act and an alarm system going off suddenly can scare the death out of them. On the other hand, securing the most suitable alarm system for you premises will instil an atmosphere of calm and confidence into people living under the same roof. They will feel protected and cared for drawing everyone into a common bond and purpose. This is exactly the kind of bond that is anathema to robbers.

So what is on offer?

At, we supply a myriad of alarm systems that will suit different housing designs. We can configure alarm systems that can protect a large, medium or small sized home, ground level or multi-storied houses. You name it, we have it! Our experts can visit you personally to discuss and ascertain your needs. They are extremely skilled at installing our alarm systems in your house. They are trained to carefully install alarms on your doors, windows and even your ceilings.

A variety of excellent alarms


The types of alarms we offer at are the best on the market and consist of:


  • Door alarms – these are small and simple to install magnetic alarms that are highly resistant to corrosion due to their steel casing. The key-card system opens the door only when the right card is used and can be complemented by a monitoring camera outside the door.
  • Window alarms – these alarms can be attached to a window support with a line fixed to the window lock. We also supply the sensor alarm that can ‘sense’ when a night prowler comes near it and immediately sends a message to an alarm in the house.
  • Ceiling alarms – these comprise smoke detectors, small cameras and sprinkler monitors. All three work in consort to warn of smoke and prevent fire in the house and you can get them now if you do the next best thing.ala


Contact us

Simply pick up your phone and ring us now on(03) 8513 0799 and our experts will be at your front door to discuss the installation of the most effective alarm system for your house.