Bosch Alarm Panels the Future Solution?

The name ‘Bosch’ is not a strange name but some of the latest tech products it has produced have introduced an new strain of tech terminology that describe the new tech products in a language that is not easy to grasp and understand. This influx of new terminology poses problems not to tech gurus, but to potential clients that are totally unfamiliar with tech parlance. Two terms come immediately come to mind – evolving automation and comms modules – terms that project into the future. Having had extensive dealing with Bosch, we at are intimately familiar with them.

Bosch’s 2 two alarm panel jewels

The company has developed 2 types of alarm panels that are deemed to be extremely affordable as well as being flexible so they can adapt to many types of future applications especially their use in comms and automation. The panels are geared to satisfy the changing lifestyles of the future that will definitely reflect a lot of graceful streamlining in architectural design and home interior décor. The alarm panels will also easily conform to the need for fast connectivity and the need to expand over large areas with the growth the settlement of living space.

Geared for the future domestic market

The company has intimated its intention of directing its two panels for the Australian market but the other components such as the panel accessories like the sensors and keypads will target the global market. In approaching the international market with these products, Bosch hopes to gain access to research and an impetus to development in major areas of product development. The boast of Bosch right now are its RADION wireless family that touts 15 different products such as motion detectors, key fobs, smoke detectors and others.

Exceptionally versatile alarm panels

In addition to the multiplicity of products associated with its RADION brand, Bosch’s alarm panels are also capable of dramatically doubling the number of zones that can be offered for the benefit of clients. Previously, the company’s outmode panels offered only 8 zones to customers while the new one can offer between 8 to 16 zones. Additionally the panels have the capability of expanding its capacity by doubling its zone or by using zone expanders to achieve the same result.  The new panels are also capable of being fitted with arm or disarm functions as well as a digital photo-frame function.

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