When you are talking about alarm systems that send off an alarm or signal to warn of unwanted intrusions, you are effectively referring to access control. Access control starts from the access street to your front gate. At SecurityInstallers.com.au in Melbourne, we know the value of an effective alarm system where the purchase and installation of a sophisticated CCTV surveillance system is not appropriate. When installed and used correctly, alarm systems can be very effective deterrents for burglars. They are easy to install and simple to use.

The key features of the alarm system

The main components of an alarm system are the transmitters and sensors. Many alarm systems can operate at a maximum distance of 1000 feet but newer models may successfully transmit signals over several miles to a receiver.  Most of the transmitters are now wireless operated and do not need to be wired but underground wired sensors are also available for those who want them. There are different types of sensors; some are triggered by movement while others by detection; still others are set off magnetically.

Types of receivers

There are many types of receivers available for alarm systems. At SecurityInstallers.com.au, we can configure just the right type of receiver for the kind of configured alarm system you have chosen for your house. Many have different chimes, whistle or other different sounds and if you decide to have multiple transmitters to monitor different part of your house, we can configure you systems so that each transmitter placed at a particular section of your house emits its own peculiar sound. That way you will know which part of your house is being disturbed.

Available alarm options

Different options for your alarm system are available. The most pertinent are those you will need when you are away from your house where you will need more than just an alert. You can opt for an affordable driveway alarm options that can include continuous flashing lights or sirens that sound at different pitches and over long periods of time. You can also opt to purchase a phone dialer that will automatically alert a security provider, friends or contacts to attend to the unwanted presence of an intruder.

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