The Right Steps to Take

At NTC we advise during this Christmas season you to take things slow, choose well and get value for your hard earned dollars. This approach is ideal when you are looking for a home alarm system and to help guide you along the right path, here are some helpful hints:

  • Where to locate the panel – Finding an ideal location for your control panel is very important since it will operate the whole system and has a movement detector covering it. It should therefore not be located in an enclosed hot area such as the ceiling or under the floor where it is always moist.
  • Where you should place the keypad – normally the keypad is placed where entry access is made into the house and armed with an entry detector that activates the entry timer. If you are able to arm or disarm your alarm system by remote control, the keypad may be placed at other places such as the bedroom door for arming the system so the whole house perimeter is protected especially during the night.
  • Installing perimeter protection? – The installation of perimeter protection involves the use of reed switches on all exterior doors and windows. For further safety, glass break detectors should be placed on all windows while a night arming system is installed with a single arm/disarm button with a red light attached to show whether the system is on or off. It can be used to safeguard elderly family members or young ones as they move to and from their rooms.
  • Locating the detectors – Similar to other alarm system components the correct placing of detectors will enhance the safety of your home. When placing them, careful attention must be made of where they are pointing. Make sure your detectors are pointing inwards into the building itself but away from appliances that may become hot during the day. For instance don’t have them pointing towards the dishwasher, oven or the ironing board at the corner of the living room towards the kitchen. Any heat picked up by the detector can easily trigger the alarm mechanism and send out a false alarm.
  • Locating the Sirens and Strobe Light – The property entrance is the ideal place to locate the outdoor siren and strobe light. The reason is the sirens are clearly heard upon being triggered and the blue strobe light can be seen flickering as the siren is sounding its message for about 5 minutes. At other times after you return home and the alarm was set off, the strobe light will still be on hinting that perhaps the perpetrator may still be inside the building. In any case, it acts as a continuing alarm system that puts you on the alert, before or after the fact.

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