At in Melbourne, we take pride in the fact that we also offer the best CCTV systems for small businesses around the city. Like the home, we regard the business premise as being another important asset that needs protecting from the prying eyes and clandestine activities of thieves. We know that the digital revolution has changed the world to such an extent that it is now getting harder than ever for robbers to have it their own way all of the time. To make things worse for them, another amazing addition to the CCTV security system is the DVR viewer which we now provide.

The wonder viewer

Once installed anywhere in the house, this astounding viewer is able to offer crystal clear JPEG images of every section or portion of the interior or exterior parts of the house. From the safe comfort of your house you can view your driveway, property pathway, an access road, garden and grounds and even an adjoining balcony. It is perfectly suited as a surveillance system for a Laundromat where cameras have a full view of the entire interior space occupied by users and the coin operated machines and driers. The impact of the DVR viewer has been colossal providing remote surveillance capabilities for small businesses.

Safety of employees

With the DVR viewer, businesses are now able to monitor the condition of their stores and warehouses, but more important, they now have viewing capabilities help ensure the safety of their workers. What’s more, they are able to do so wherever they are in the world just as long as they have fast internet connection. At we know how important employees are to their organization and that employees know how important their safety is to them. So there must be a middle point where these two priorities have to harmonize and the only way to achieve it is by having systems in place that will ensure the safety of employees in any business undertaking.

All done remotely from anywhere

One of the best systems available that we provide our customers with is the installation of a CCTV surveillance system that is hooked up with remote viewer capability. The system enables someone within your organization or business to monitor the progress of your business remotely on the internet. For instance if your business is located in a notoriously rough neighbourhood and your employees habitually work late into the night, you are able to watch them as they work and be kept informed of their safety or otherwise. It is a truly awesome system to use and we are the best providers.

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