Placing security cameras at the most effective and efficient positions should be the aim of every business owner. Even at our Security Installers office in Melbourne we place security cameras where they are most effective for producing the best results. There is no other method that can make your business operate with maximum efficiency than to install the right number of security cameras and have them display a collection of images that cover the entire floor space of your store. By doing so is to ensure that every corner of you store is covered from above to produce clear visual contact.

The outside parking area is the first target

This is where your arriving customers park their vehicles and this is the most likely place that a burglar may jump unsuspecting customers. Having a camera trained on this outside area is critical not only for this reason but also if a burglar happens to get “seen” by the cameras inside the shop and may make a quick getaway from the shop. He may hop into a car that displays a number which can be zoomed in to take a photo and have the police quickly informed of the incident. Having a camera or cameras cover the outside areas of your store should be installed at the right places.

The back door escape route should be covered

It may not be possible for a thief to make an escape through the front door either to avoid being identified. In that instance he/she may decide to take the back door of the store to facilitate an escape. The idea of placing a camera at the back section of the store is similar to that of having one placed at the parking lot. There is always the possibility that burglars would now suspect that another camera is placed at the back part of the store especially if it is well hidden from view. That way, there is a good chance of seeing the direction in which the robber is escaping.

An interior rest area or cafeteria is another target

Some large grocery stores or retail shops do have rest areas or small cafeteria where shoppers can rest their weary limbs after a long day of shopping. It would be invaluable to have a camera installed at these areas for relaxing if not for detecting criminals (although this may happen), but for knowing who comes and goes into your store and uses the facility to rest and enjoy refreshments. It may even provide a discussion area where your staff members may hold friendly discussions of give presentations of the services and goods that available in your store.

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