Choosing the Best Surveillance System

Value for money this Christmas season is an important part of shopping and at NTC we make it a point to advise our clients to be particularly careful when listening to terms used by sellers as they describe their products to customers. Most sellers will often assume that buyers are familiar with jargon they use, which is often not the case, and customers are often at a disadvantage and may go home with a buy that does not live up to everything that the seller said. As a result buyers often get products that are poor value for their money.

The word ‘zoom’ can be confusing

Many of the fixed cameras such as the pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras feature lens that can zoom in on objects and make them easier to see in detail on camera. This ability of a camera to zoom in on an object has the distinct advantage of being able to capture the progress of initial entry and subsequent movements in the compound. An opportunity is provided to address any security issue that may arise from the point of entry of a person or a vehicle through the motion of moving about within the premises before the movement stops.

Digital zooming leaves something out

This kind of zooming is particularly perplexing because normally you’d think that a digital camera can help draw out the details of a picture that you wish to view more closely. Actually that’s not the case an in fact you tend to get a more distorted picture when you attempt to use digital zooming for viewing a scenery you have captured. What actually happens when you use digital zooming is it fails to capture the details of the scene but produces a blurred image no matter how hard you try to get the camera to reproduce a more detailed image.

What about optical zooming?

Let’s take the case of a visit to the museum where you wish to get details of the picture of a tree painting that has taken you fancy. You forgot to take you camera along but you are really desperate to get that detailed picture of the tree in the painting. All you need do is to place you face about six inches from the painting and the intimate details you’re looking for automatically come into focus. This is optical zooming at work and is the recognized and accepted feature that a security camera must have as a counter measure to security issues.

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