The cost of purchasing and installing a CCTV surveillance system has plummeted recently making the system come within range of the average customer to afford and buy. For business owners, the price fall has certainly been an added incentive to invest is such a system and many have indeed taken the plunge. At, we acknowledge the fact that despite their differences, businesses do have one thing in common – the security of the merchandise inside their business premises. This is constantly at the mercy of burglars and shoplifters and the CCTV security system is the ideal panacea.

Extremely easy monitoring

The recent improvements in the filming and reporting capabilities of the CCTV system has led many business owners to opt for purchasing and installing the system not only at their homes but at their business premises as well. The most recent enticing feature of the CCTV security system is not only the ability to record images and activities on tape and to be played back sometime after an incident. It is also its ability to instantaneously convey instant live images and activities to a centralized control monitoring centre where everything is shown on a monitor that can be operated by one operator. This feature can do away with human security services that are ongoing costs to businesses.

Effective CCTV use

The most effective way to use a CCTV surveillance system is to know the type of systems available and the needs that you want addressed. If your need is to prevent burglary at your home or store or office building, there are different CCTV systems available at to address each of these needs. We can supply superb cameras, monitoring equipment and recording devices in different configurations to address different needs.  You need to know the type of video colours you need and whether you need coloured or black and white monitors for your viewing; whether you need wired or wireless cameras or you need digital recorders. We can supply them but we must know your needs.

Customization is not an issue

Sometimes a select group of clients disregard all the systems offered them and prefer instead, a configuration of their own choosing. Customizing a particular system for a certain client is not a problem for us. In actual fact, it gives us an opportunity to display our professional skills in satisfying the needs of a particular customer. It may be the selection of a combined wired and wireless system, a centralized monitoring system or the placing of cameras at distinct sites for maximum leverage. We can all of these and more if the customer so wishes.

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