The Single Auto-Tracking Camera

AT NTC we make it out business to provide valuable information on the pros and cons of tech systems so clients become aware of the quality and features of the latest introductions on the market.  This Christmas season, many customers will again have the opportunity of shopping for whatever they fancy and one of them may be the Single Auto-Tracking Camera. Special features include its claimed ability to film more than one object. Another is that it can rotate a full 360 degrees and capture practically everything on its shutters.

Customer preferences

We have often found that customers with security needs tend to go for a security system that will encompass the entirety of their problem and solve it with one push of the button. Because of the desire to conserve funds and reap higher profits for their business, clients will often look for applications that fit into this category. The typical sites that many clients often point to are large areas with many entry points that can pose serious security issues to them. In their anxiety for security, they believe the installation of an auto tracking PTZ camera will do the trick. But beware!

Capturing more than one moving object

The claim that the camera can auto-track multiple objects on the move is less than authentic. For instance in a large parking area visited by many people, not to mention cars, the camera will actually lock on the largest moving object and follow it. While so engage, the camera fails to capture other activities that may actually involve a burglary attempt. There are settings (from 1-10) that can be used to realign the camera’s sweep to include other activities happening at the site, but checking before purchase is advisable.

The 360 degrees swivelling capability

A camera that can turn a full 360 degree and capture everything in the path of its sweep would definitely be a desirable tech product to own. Regrettably, this is easier said than done and many customers find their hopes of owning such a security product dashed because they do not do what is expected of them. The auto tracking PTZ camera can surely swivel a full 360 degrees but the catch is it cannot swivel upwards beyond its 90 degrees position, meaning that while the camera can swivel 360 degrees downwards and sideways from left to right, it cannot look upwards an that’s glitch.

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