In addition to mostly the outside section of your store, we can also take care of the interior part of your store. At Security Installers, we know that the interior part of the store is very important and proper care should be taken when installing your cameras. The main entrance to the store is where the main body of shoppers enter for doing their shopping and exit after completing it. The camera should be placed somewhere in the store facing the main door. The footage taken by this camera is very important as everyone coming in and out is taken and it can be saved for future reference.

The shelf area to be monitored for security purposes

Perhaps the most important area of the shop in so far as security is concerned is the area around and about the shop shelves where the main bulk of the merchandise is found. This is the area where items disappear into trolleys for checking out at the cash registry counter or into pockets without anyone knowing. The cameras are supposed to clearly show the difference between the items that disappear into the trolleys and those that do so into pockets in a hidden fashion. If the cameras do their job properly in consort with the person operating the control center, everything is fine.

The cash registry merit a camera

Top security should also be levelled at the area where lots of transaction takes place and in the store this usually takes place at the cash registry where shoppers check out before exiting the store. Quite apart from the shelf area, this is another most likely spot where a burglar may commit a swift act of piracy and dash away quickly for a fast getaway either through the front door or the back door. It matters little which way he/she chooses as these areas are already covered by cameras and identification is possible.

A camera for the back door for identification

An escape through the back entrance is the next best escape route of escape for a robber who has either stolen from the shelves or the cash registry or anywhere else for that matter. The camera should be placed at the top part of the door leading to the outer part of the building. This position will ensure that the escapee’s frontal image will be taken on film including the clothing worn at the time of filming. It is most likely that if these camera placings are followed, the security of your store will be assured but the best way to be certain is to have our professionals do the placing for you.

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