alarm-systemsWhether the need for alarms hails from commercial, industrial, institutional or even government departments, can supply the right type of alarm system that will address particular needs. We know we are in a very sensitive and professional area of security and we stand by our word to provide the best alarm system available to satisfy the needs of our customers. We are true professionals when it comes to help select, install, maintain and monitor the systems we provide our customers.

Protection from more than crime

The alarm systems that we provide at do not only cater for keeping homes and business premises safe from the activities of burglars. We also ensure that our products are also safe from the effects of the weather, that they are free from faulty technical workmanship and are sturdy and hardy enough to cushion the effects of inadvertent drops or impacts. These are the hallmarks of the products we offer our customers who are all satisfied with the quality, efficiency and strength or our products.

The latest keypads

For access controls to the main parts of your business premises, we can install very efficient keypads with digits that are extremely easy to read and smooth to operate. The small and compact appearance adds décor to the ambience of the office. Another prime features of our keypads is that they connect directly with a monitoring centre which in turn offers protection and staff support every day and night

Window and door contact devices

Burglars have been known to try and gain entrance by using the windows and doors left open at odd times during the day and night. To counteract this practice, we offer the very solution needed in the form of door and window contact devices that can actually detect when a door or window is being pried open by someone from outside the business premises.

Glass break detectors

When someone tries to open a window somewhere in the business building and accidentally knock and glass panel and it breaks we have devices that can quickly detect the sound of breaking glass. The same devices can also detect motion and set off an alarm so that corrective action can be taken to remedy the situation.

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These are but only a few of the alarm systems and devices that we can provide to protect your business. Ring us now on 03 8513 0799 for a free quote on the type of alarm system or devices that you prefer.