At in Melbourne we are a highly regarded 24 hour Back to Base alarm system arranger and we do install only the best alarm systems that fit in perfectly into a 24 hour Back to Base system.  Lots of clients view monitoring as a futile attempt at thwarting thieves in breaking in, stealing the goods and disappearing before they are even spotted. We feel this to be an unfair criticism against our alarm system set up and we respectfully offer our views:

A secure house means lower premiums

An insurance company will look for certain features that will maintain the house in superb condition and therefore value over time. One way to achieve this is in installing an alarm system to ensure the security of the house against burglars. We are unwavering in our belief that our 24 hour Back to Base alarm system is the best way of making sure your house is secure. One benefit is that most insurance companies will offer discounts on their Contents Insurance policies for a home with a monitored alarm system and if you have one, it will reduce your overall costs.

Rapid response and immediate attendance is guaranteed

There is no doubt there are discrepancies in how long it will take police to respond to an alarm that has been set off. It varies from about 20 minutes to 30 minutes or more. But with a 24 hour Back to Base reporting alarm system, the attendance of someone immediately after the sounding of the alarm is guaranteed. True, catching the thief or returning stolen goods may not be guaranteed, but alerting the base immediately does happen and so does the attendance of the Base’s security guard at the scene. These are hallmarks of an efficient and dependable 24 hour Back to Base alarm system.

Tech gadgets add to alarm system efficiency

One of the most exciting trends witnessed during these times of colossal and innovative technology innovations is the plethora of tech gadgets that have flooded the market. One gets the impression that these changes are occurring daily. These tech features include the addition of panic buttons to the code pad that will immediately activate installed system sirens as well as flickering on the strobe light while at the same time, sending an emergency signal to the monitoring station. And it doesn’t end there. Features known as ‘systems events’, can also be sent to the station and actioned by guards.

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